Life is precious, memories are treasured


Some memories are too important to lie hidden in a drawer, they deserve to be seen and relived every day

A hand drawn pencil portrait is the perfect way to treasure those memories.  RelationPix pencil portraits are lovingly hand drawn from your favourite photographs, with exceptional attention to the spirit and detail of family and friends.  Commissioned portraits keep those cherished moments alive in your heart and your home.

Still open to commissions

Theresa Stancombe - RelationPix

Theresa Stancombe - Pencil Portrait Artist

"If you are looking for the work of a true artist that not only creates spectacular works of art but they are so lifelike then look no further. I had a piece commissioned for my father of my son (2 pieces) after having other horrible experiences I was very sceptical! Theresa even sent a step by step account so I could show my dad the various stages. I will be going back for another commission for myself. Her prices are wonderful also! Lovely lady, very sincere and cares about each individual piece that leaves her. Cannot recommend her highly enough!"

Sharon Ann Hynes

Framed hand drawn unique gift