Moments in time can become the most important memories in our life.  Keeping them close to us keeps them alive

Too often photos are left on our computers or in drawers hidden away only to be brought out for special occasions or in times of personal challenge.  Our memories deserve to be part of our daily lives.  Creating special portraits that become part of your home is my way of helping you to bring those memories to life every day.


Welcome to RelationPix

I'm Theresa Stancombe and I love drawing people.  Creating pencil portraits that bring your memories and loved ones to life is my passion. For me, receiving wonderful feedback is possibly the best reward for drawing your loved ones. My passion is not just to draw you the perfect picture, but to make you happy and most of the time it is tears of happiness!

 ‘Just received my portraits and needless to say I am delighted!! Thank you for your patience, and for your determination that I should have the best results. I cannot wait for Christmas. Hopefully these are not the last portraits that I can get done, I particularly want one of my late mother done for my eldest son but I have learnt now that finding the right photograph is key, so that is a project for a cold January afternoon. I look forward to recommending your services to all my friends and family. Sincere best wishes, Deb X

Debbie Davies


Theresa Stancombe - RelationPix
Lost loved one, memorable gift

How RelationPix and the name came about

RelationPix was born from my own moment in time.  I lost my mum very suddenly when my son was only 3 months old and I had very few photos of them together which was deeply saddening.  I was inspired to sketch them together from one of the few photos I had.  I gave that drawing to my father for his birthday and his reaction was so powerful, it inspired me to share my gift for bringing photos to life.

And the name......One night I had an Epiphany! RelationPix literally popped into my head, or so I thought. Looking back, I realised it was an amalgamation of several sub-conscious thoughts as well as a play on words. I felt that drawing family and friends was literally drawing people’s relationships in pictures. But instead of Relation 'pics', I chose 'Pix'. Why? Because that is what my late mum called my dad. Our surname was ‘Pickup’ and Pix was her endearing shortened name for him as it is for me now. Even the grand kids call him Grandad Pix. So, in a way it is an homage to my late mum but also to my dear father.

I create pencil portraits of those moments in your life that you want to treasure.

My portraits bring out the spirit of the people and the moment - keeping your memories alive every single day.

The Stages of A Drawing

At each stage of the drawing I send my clients updates - they get so excited as the portrait emerges!  It makes me so happy to involve them in the creation of the portrait in this way.